Wednesday, July 28, 2010


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I have diabetes and a coworker was telling me I should be taking supplements such as cinnamon and chromium to help control blood sugar. Are these safe and effective?

Supplements are a tricky subject. First, it is important to communicate with your doctor and pharmacist regarding your medications for not only polypharmacy, medication to medication interactions, but also food-drug interactions and how supplements may interfere with your medications.

As far as taking supplements go, it is better to get as many nutrients as you can with food. Taking a single supplement tends to make the food less bioavailable in your body than if you were to eat a food containing a rich source of that vitamin (In layman's terms: you'll absorb more vitamin C by eating an orange than taking a vitamin C tablet).

If you feel as if your diet is deficient in one or more nutrients, a daily multivitamin may be a good idea.

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