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Weight Loss

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I have pre-diabetes and my doctor has told me if I don't lose weight I will end up with type 2 diabetes. I have about 75 pounds to lose. Could you tell me the best way to do this?

Weight loss is a lifestyle change; it's something that, if done correctly, does not happen quickly. It is a process. Stay away from fad diets- anything done in drastic measures usually does not equal long term results.

There are two main principles for weight loss: diet and exercise. Yes, it's easier said than done. But the important part is to make small goals for yourself to make your success measureable and more attainable. For example, you say you want to lose 70 pounds- think of your mindset. You you like to accomplish this next month? In the next year? In the next five years?

You can also break this up into smaller goals. Example: I want to lose 4 pounds this month.

"Diet" and "exercise" are dreaded words. When we think of the word diet, most people think of restrictions- what you can't eat. Instead, don't give up your favorite foods, just cut back on the portions and eat them less often. Also think of adding new foods (more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains) to substitute for less healthy foods. It is a good idea to keep a food diary to get a good look of your intake and where your downfalls are.

"Exercise" is the same way. Many people think of it as something you HAVE to do and, therefore, there is often less motivation to do it. It is recommended that all adult exercise 20-30 minutes 5 times per week. When you're spending that much time on an activity, you might as well do something you enjoy! Try different things and/or bring a friend for moral support! Walking, yoga, pilates, treadmill, the possibilities are endless- as long as you're moving and your heart rate is pumping. You can also consider breaking up workouts into smaller intervals if you feel you don't have the time or stamina for a long workout.

By being dedicated and not getting discouraged, you will see results in the long run.

Also, be sure to consult your doctor before starting any regimen. It may also benefit you speak to a registered dietitian (RD) regarding your weight loss goals.

More weight loss tips are provided by this article from WEBMD:

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