Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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I am very new to the diabetes lifestyle. I have started working out and so far have dropped 8 pounds (I have about 100 pounds still to lose). I am excited about the weight loss so far, but I am scared that I won’t drop the weight and that I will slip somehow. Can you offer any advice in regards to cravings (I have a big sweet tooth and enjoy greasy foods such as burgers and fries)?

Congratulations on the weight loss and starting an exercise progrram! The most important thing is to stick with your program and not get discouraged when you start to plateau. By making these lifestyle change and having a positive attitude, you are sure to reach your goals in a moderate fashion.

Cravings are really hard to cut, but the key is moderation and substitution. You don't want to deprive yourself. The worst thing you can do is say to yourself, "I'm going to cut (insert favorite food item here) completely out of my diet". When this happens, you'll only crave the food more. So have a small piece instead of large piece and cut down on your intake of said food gradually.

For those who make a sweet tooth, the same principles apply; eat a smaller portion. For example, instead of eating the whole candy bar, eat one block of eat on of the miniatures. There are also a lot of sugar-free and/or fat free sweets available (but be mindful of portion size). Another suggestion would be to substitute fruit for other sweet foods.

Hamburgers themselves are not a bad choice. It comes down to preparation and portion size. Unfortunately, we live in a society with the motto "Bigger is better", which has lead to out of control portion sizes. A value meal at your local fast food place can easily be the equivalent to your total estimated caloric intake for the entire day. So, order the single patty hamburger without the mayo and special sauce. As far as french fries go, order the small child size fries, or better yet, substitute with a side salad and use 1/2 a pack of dressing.

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