Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Diabetic Bars and Shakes

Here is a question I recently received from

I was diagnosed with diabetes a few months ago. I’m wondering about those bars and shakes I see advertised for people with diabetes. Are they good to use? Sometimes I’m out and need a snack or quick lunch.

Kudos you for being mindful of not skipping meals and snacks to help control your diabetes! These bars and shakes can be helpful to help keep you on track. By being designed for folks eith diabetes, they often contain less carbohydrate than the "original". However, it is still important to read the labels to ensure that you are consuming the proper amount of carbohydrate for a meal or snack. These are often intended to be used as a meal replacer- so be sure to count your carbs and calories before purchasing and consuming.

Another con is that these specialty items tend to be on the pricy side. With a little planning, there are more cost-effective solutions for a quick meal or snack- perhaps a piece of fruit, a sandwich, or peanut butter and crackers. With a little researc, planning, and thought, a wide variety of easy to prepare foods can help you balance your diet when you're on the run.

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