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My husband was diagnosed with diabetes as few months ago and has been working hard to lose weight and control his blood sugar. Each year we have a family gathering for thanksgiving that includes lots of food (large turkey dinner with all the trimmings and assorted pies & cakes for dessert). What are your suggestions to ensure my husband doesn’t overeat but also does not feel deprived this thanksgiving?

As the holidays roll around, it is very easy to over-indulge with the excess amounts of treats to go around (for diabetic patients and non-diabetic patients alike).

Here are some tips to stay on track.

*Eat a light meal prior to going to an event. You will be less likely to overindulge.
*Stay away from the serving table! If you are near all of the finger foods while socializing, it is a lot easier to mindlessly eat.
*Fill up on lean proteins (ex. white turkey) and non-starchy vegetables. Be very careful about portion sizes on starches (ex. rolls, casseroles, potatoes, corn, noodles, gravy).
*Drink water during the meal and right before eating.
*Desserts- don't deprive yourself or you'll end up wanting more! Allow yourself a small serving of your dessert of choice.

Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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