Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Diet and Weight Loss

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My doctor has diagnosed me with diabetes and has told me to lose weight. I have heard about high protein diets, low fat/high carb diets, and many others. I want a sound diet instead of a fad. What type of diet is best given my situation?

A sound diet instead of a fad diet is the way to go. In most instances, fad diets are only a quick fix, omitting key food groups and depleting necessary calories and nutrients and should be used on a long term basis.

To be successful, choose a balanced diet that contains all of the food groups (starch, fruit, vegetables, dairy, fat, and protein). It is imperative that none of these components are omitted.

Weight change is based on something called "energy expenditure". This is the balance of what goes in and what goes out. By cutting calories, weight loss is achieved. At the same time, consuming more calories than needed results in weight gain. Keep a food diary to get a good picture of your typical intake and analyze to find ways you can improve.

Along with diet, regular physical activity will also help you obtain your weight loss goals.

The key to weight loss is to make small, achieveable goals and to not get discouraged. Weight loss is a process; a good weight loss should be 1-2# per week on average. Also don't get discouraged when you hit a plateau area of weight loss.

As always, consult a registered dietitian to help you with diet planning and weight loss goals. Also, speak with your primary care provider before starting any exercise or weight loss plan.

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