Sunday, December 12, 2010

Diabetes and Weight Loss

Here is a question I recently received from

I have type 2 Diabetes but am not on meds yet. I am trying to control by diet and exercise. My problem is now that I am eating healthier I am losing weight, and I don’t need to. I am 5’5” and currently weigh 112 lbs. What can I eat that is still good for me but will put some weight back on?

Losing weight by eating healthier and participating in regular exercise is a great way to help control diabetes. However, you also want to make sure you are maintaining a healthy body weight.

First off, be sure you are consuming regular meals and not exercising excessively. 20-30 minutes of moderate physical activity is what is recommended for all Americans. Also be sure you are eat at least 3 meals per day containing all the food groups.

Here are some tips to improve your diet.

*Make good carb choices. This means choose more complex carbohydrates (whole grain breads, fresh fruits and vegetables, and low fat dairy products) as opposed to refined carbohydrates.

*Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated, especially if you work out. Many people mistake hunger for thirst, so if you feel hungry, drinka glass of water, wait 15-20 minutes, and reassess your hunger level. However, do not drink water right before meals, as you will fee full because you have filled up on water.

*Incorporate heart healthy fats into your diet, such as olive/canola oils and nuts. However, be careful, as a little bit of these foods go a long way.

*If you still feel you need to increase your caloric intake, increase your consumption of lean proteins and non-starchy vegetables, as these foods do not affect blood sugars much.

Good luck to you!

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